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Trade Stands 2022

Bogles Field, Essendy Road, Blairgowrie, Perthshire PH10 6QU


Blairgowrie and Rattray Highland Games attracts between 3500 and 5000 visitors. It is an ideal opportunity for traders within the area to showcase their goods.

Trade stands are available for small and large displays alike with a discounted rate for charity and information organisations. If you run a business and are interested in taking a stand at the Games please fill in the on-line Trade Stand Application Form and follow the instructions to submit.

Trade Stand rates for Charity, Information, Craft and Business (excluding Catering) pitches for the 2020 Games are shown on the Application Form.  The Trade Stands Convenor, Ian Bell, should be contacted for Catering information and rates either on or on 07734 886 454. 



Traders, please read the following terms & conditions and ensure you include all the requested documents, when submitting your Application Form. Some of the requirements are in place for the benefit of general Health & Safety and some for compliance with Perth & Kinross Council Regulations.  Trading Standards Officers and Environmental Health Officers visit the Games.

The Trade Stands Convener cannot confirm your reservation, until the application form, payment and all necessary documents have been received and reviewed. If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact Ian Bell, who will be happy to help.   

All payments must be received by no later than July 31st. If paying through BACS, the trader must still return the application form and documents to the Trade Stands Convener, failure to do this can result in the Trades Convener not being aware they are attending and may lose their space, despite paying.  

All accepted applications will be confirmed and a receipt, for payments made, issued by the Trade Stands Convenor. Please note - The receipt will need to be shown to gain entry to the Games Field.

If the Trader chooses to cancel, they will not have not the money reimbursed.

Trade Stand Space is for the designated field space only and does not include any tents, equipment, furniture or services. 

Access to the Games Field is on the strict understanding that traders accept and comply with the Terms and Conditions for Trade Stand Space.

Trade stand inspections will be carried out, on the day, by the Trade Stands Convenor to see that documentation and safety equipment previously identified by the Trader for their stand is in place.


Traders are required to complete and comply with a Trader’s Safety Risk Assessment Form. (Click to download a copy). 

Traders are required to complete and sign a GDPR Form (click to download) which consents to Blairgowrie Highland Games using the Trader’s data for the purposes of the 2022 Games.

Traders must display a legible and conspicuous sign bearing their name, address and telephone number on their stand. All promotional signage is limited to their stall / pitch only and must not extend into designated public walkways or emergency routes.

Traders must have their own Public Liability Insurance cover, valid for the day of the Games. (Copy to be included with Application Form).

All stalls must be in place by no later than 9:30am on Games Day. No vehicles will be allowed access or to move on the Games Field after that time until the Games closure at 5.00pm.

NO trader is permitted to SET UP their stall until the Trade Stands Convenor or Field Co-ordinator has directed them to their allocated pitch on the Games Field. 

Traders will only be allowed to sell the goods indicated on their Application Forms. Deviation from this requirement can result in their removal from the Games Field.

Traders who are using any electrical equipment, generators or bottled gas equipment, must only use equipment that has been properly maintained, tested by a recognised organisation and certified as being in proper working order. Personal using such equipment must be competent in its use and operation.  Fire safety equipment as specified in the Trader’s Safety Risk Assessment must be in place at all times.

Stall holders are responsible for the proper storage and disposal of their rubbish during and at the end of the Games. Rubbish bins will be provided around the Games Field for use by the public and traders. Please ensure you leave a clean pitch or you may be charged for adandoned rubbish.


All persons on entering the Games Field will be required to comply fully with any rules, restrictions or guidance related to Covid - 19 that are applicable on the day of the Games. Failure to do so will result in exclusion of that trader and all of their equipment from the Games. Whilst the Games Management will publish available information it is the responsibility of the Trader to make themselves knowledgeable of such restrictions and guidance.


Catering traders, must hold and display valid Hygiene and Health Certificates relevant to their operation. (Copy to be submitted with Application Form) 

Catering traders must have suitable hand-washing facilities or resources.

Only ‘silenced’ generators will be permitted for use.

Catering traders will be required to comply with all Environmental Health regulations and requirements. If in doubt please contact Perth and Kinross Council.


Declaration of Operational Compliance - All relevant amusements and rides operators must hold a valid Declaration of Operational Compliance for each piece of their equipment. (Copy of DOC or valid ADIPS or DOC number to be submitted with Application Form and available for inspection on the day).



We hope you have a successful day and enjoy the Games.

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