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Hill Race




Since the first Blair Games Hill Race, which was way back in 1991, the route has changed a few times, but over the last 10 years or so we have a route which is both demanding and can be seen from the Games Field.

It is quite fortunate that the Braemar Gathering is held the previous day as we get many of the hill runners from various parts of the UK staying over and competing in ours. All of these runners have been very complimentary about the course, so it is safe to say that it winna change ony mair.

pic 1

The route now starts with full lap of the track and then exit out the main gate, turning right and across to the Weasel Roadie, down the Roadie to the Dunkeld Road. The runner then crosses over and runs up the first demanding track and after 250 metres turns right into a field and follows a track diagonally through the middle to a gate at the top. Once there, the runner turns left and keeping to the inside of the field, runs down to the back of Hillbarns and then up the challenging field edge up to the top along the top and then back down to the bottom of the field. Runners then complete the circuit
again (more groaning).

Once the second circuit is finished it is back to Bogle’s Field and the final sprint!!! of 250 metre to the finish. These fields that we use for the Hill Race belong to local landowner, Laurence Blair Oliphant and he keeps them well maintained for the race, so must be thanked, for playing his part.

Prize money is given to the first 4 - 5 men and first 4 - 5 ladies, with a bottle of champagne going to the first runner home wearing a kilt, this is sponsored by Julian Hutchings, whereby the main race is sponsored by Blair Engineering. Once again many thanks to the sponsors without their generosity the Games wouldn’t be so well attended.

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Hill Race Route

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