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Tug O’ War

Blairgowrie v Rattray Tug O’ War

In 1988 it was decided to have an open Tug O’ War contest at the Games to reflect the friendly rivalry that exists between the two communities on either side of the Ericht. What resulted was both spectacular and indecisive. The two ropes which had been knotted together parted under the strain of around 100 contestants, most of whom found themselves sitting rather suddenly on the ground before any discernible movement had been made in either direction. Minor injuries were sustained by those tuggers in the forefront of the Blairgowrie team by the snapping rope.

This catastrophe was witnessed by Sir Alistair Grant, Chairman of Argyll Group, who very kindly donated a new rope both longer and stronger for future contests, and this has been used since without incident. The winners of the event are recorded as:

Tug O’ War Team Entry FormTug O’ War Team Entry Form

Tug O' War
A picture of the Tug O’ War at the games

The event is entirely open, and is not restricted to citizens of either part of the town. Whether you are from Alyth, Ankara or Auckland you may join in on either side, and be able to say truthfully that you have taken part in a Scottish Highland Games.


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